Saturday, October 15, 2011

20 Weeks Preggo

20 Weeks Preggo
Girl or boy: Girl!

Complaints: Nothing really...

Weight Gain: ??.....I'll find out next week

Symptoms: Stretching pains, pinched nerves

Cravings: Really been craving veggies and fruits.....and sweets at night

What I miss most: Sushi : )....and being able to walk around more

Sleep: Ok....peeing 4 times a night and can't go back to sleep after sometimes

Movement: Totally feel her kicks now! It's the coolest thing ever. The other day I said I felt her moving so Chris put his hand on my belly and within a few seconds she gave her dad a huge kick! Chris jumped because he wasn't really expecting anything : )

What I'm looking forward to: I can't wait for Thanksgiving....I've been craving Thanksgiving food for months now : ) Spending time with my family will be fun. They've been so supportive through everything and I'm so thankful to have them. Also, I know I have a long way to go, but I can't wait till she born. I feel like I may have some scary times ahead with this whole placenta previa situation.....I just hope nothing too serious. So,I'm looking forward to early February for my scheduled c-section (if my body cooperates that long : ).

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